20.6.2024 / Nutrition

The importance of gut health and ways to support it

Gut health is a hot topic of conversation these days, and for good reason! Research shows that taking care of […]

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30.5.2024 / Education

Vegemi’s Food Education and Teaching Model Also Utilises the Sapere Method

Vegemi’s mission is to increase children’s and families’ awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, as well as […]

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14.5.2024 / General

Nurturing Little Tummies: Fruits and Veggies in the Weaning Stage

National Weaning Week is a celebration of introducing our little ones to the wonderful world of solid foods! As parents, […]

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7.5.2024 / General

Healthy screen time and children learning in the digital world

It’s impressive to see how our children are growing into a new, more digital world and learning to harness its […]

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3.5.2024 / General

Transforming Food Systems One Bite at a Time

Vegemi is on a mission to change the way children interact with food – a big mission for a small […]

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17.4.2024 / News

Vegemi Food Education Method: A Wellbeing and Eco-Initiative in Early Childhood Education in Tampere

Many cities and municipalities have awakened to the importance of food education for children and young people. Childhood obesity, various […]

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12.4.2024 / General

Vegemi App! + Updates Announcement

Launched in 2022, the Vegemi app is the thriving hub of Vegemi’s adventures. Over 10,000 users have joined Vegemi there […]

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22.3.2024 / Education

Vegemi Food Education Method

Vegemi Food Education Method: Vegemi takes children on an exciting learning journey with the superpowers of vegetables Early childhood is […]

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15.3.2024 / Nutrition

Well-being and food – how to build a sustainable and healthy diet

Healthy food is one of the cornerstones of well-being. There are many ways to build and cultivate healthy habits, but […]

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