17.4.2024 / News

Vegemi Food Education Method: A Wellbeing and Eco-Initiative in Early Childhood Education in Tampere

Many cities and municipalities have awakened to the importance of food education for children and young people. Childhood obesity, various […]

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12.4.2024 / General

Vegemi App! + Updates Announcement

Launched in 2022, the Vegemi app is the thriving hub of Vegemi’s adventures. Over 10,000 users have joined Vegemi there […]

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22.3.2024 / Education

Vegemi Food Education Method

Vegemi Food Education Method: Vegemi takes children on an exciting learning journey with the superpowers of vegetables Early childhood is […]

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15.3.2024 / Nutrition

Well-being and food – how to build a sustainable and healthy diet

Healthy food is one of the cornerstones of well-being. There are many ways to build and cultivate healthy habits, but […]

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8.3.2024 / News

Finnish food education startup raises €0.5 million in funding and receives invitation to SDG Lab in Davos

18.01.2024 A 2021 study from the University of Turku reveals that 99% of Finnish early childhood education aged children do […]

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27.2.2024 / General

The First Steps of a Good Stomach Bacteria

Vegemi’s story began long before it emerged in its own app. Prior to the launch of the Vegemi app, it […]

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