Taste a delicious pepper!

Pepper is one of many families’ favourite vegetables, and for good reason! Delicious peppers are suitable for many dishes, are a fibre-rich vegetable and contain a lot of carotenoids. Download the free Vegemi app from your phone’s app store, and see how the vitamin A in peppers gives Vegemi the power of super sight!


What is Vegemi’s superpower based on?

Vegemi gets the power of super vision from pepper, and humans also benefit from the high amounts of vitamin A contained in pepper. One small red pepper (120g) contains an average of 185 micrograms of vitamin A, which is about 37% of the intake recommendation for a 7-10-year-old child. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for humans, and it has numerous important effects in the body. One of its functions in the body is its contribution to normal vision.



Peppers go well with many other ingredients, and their taste is especially delicious when roasted. Add pepper to roasted vegetables, soups or simply slice and serve as a snack. Delicious!