Taste a delicious tomato!

Tomato is considered to be a delicious, sweet vegetable – although technically they’re a fruit! Tomatoes have plenty of vitamin C and carotenoids, which support health. Thanks to the tomato carotenoid lycopene, tomatoes also have a beautiful red colour! Download the free Vegemi app from your phone’s app store, and see how the vitamin C gives Vegemi the power of super circulation.


What is Vegemi’s superpower based on?

Vegemi gets the power of super circulation from the tomato, as the entire human circulatory system benefits from the vitamin C contained in the tomato! Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen for the normal functioning of blood vessels. 1 small tomato (75g) contains approximately 11 mg of vitamin C, which is about 37% of the daily intake recommendation of a 7-10-year-old child.



Sweet tomatoes can be enjoyed on their own, but they are also delicious grilled on skewers, baked in the oven or pureed into fresh sauce or soup. Tomatoes are very versatile – try out some new ideas!