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The ultimate course to get your children eating fruits and veggies today

Be your child’s nutritionist in less than 20 minutes a week. Through our 8 week course you will be guided step by step in helping your child develop a fun-loving relationship with fruits and vegetables, being incentivised and rewarded to eat their 5 a day! 


What’s included

This course is designed for children aged 3-8 years and will make your family nutrition simple, practical and fun.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re giving your child the very best nutrition start, guided by our easy to use resources, tips, audio’s, animations and essential nutrition information that you need to know as a parent.

Benefits of the course

Your weekly email will include:

  • Key nutrition information on essential fruits and vegetables, to support your child’s health
  • Tips to deal with fussy eaters and practical support to get your child eating fruits and veggies
  • Support from the Vegemi app to make eating veggies fun and engaging for your child
  • Recipe inspiration to give you and your child quality time in the kitchen together
  • Stories, learning and colouring tasks to keep your children entertained
  • Also available as audio format to make the course accessible on-the-go



What parent’s say

“My daughter had a mini tantrum at home as we had no kale to feed vegemi. Since when does she know what kale is?!”

“My children competed to see who could eat their apples first, to get their superpowers.”

“First thing in the morning my son wants to feed Vegemi, and even asked if we could make a vegemi soup, in which he chose to include cauliflower for Vegemi.”

Delivered in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.