Funny Banana-Caterpillar

Funny Banana-Caterpillar

Make your snack a little funnier and unleash your playfulness! Fun snacks will hopefully inspire your child to feast on fruits, and unleash the creativity of the whole family. Turn leftover fruits into your own works of art or eat them as they are!

It’s nice to assemble these snacks together with the child, but make sure it’s safe to cook as an adult! Using knives and a frying pan is naturally not suitable for smaller children, but even smaller hands can participate in assembling the dish instead!


  • 1
  • Blueberries
  • Raisins or Dried Fruit

How to create it

1. Let your child identify the banana with the Vegemi app. Watch together as Vegemi gains fun superpowers from it!
2. Peel the banana and cut into thin slices.
3. Arrange the banana slices on the plate in the shape of a caterpillar as you wish.
4. Place two blueberries on the caterpillar for eyes.
5. Sprinkle raisins or dried fruits on the plate as well.
6. Making an easy banana caterpillar is also fun together: let the child practice slicing the banana and arranging the banana slices and blueberries on the plate, this way you support the development of the child’s fine motor skills!